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Alan G Kline DDS Cosmetic Dentistry


For over 25 years we’ve been dedicated to family dental care, one patient at a time. We pride ourselves on NOT scheduling our dentists or dental hygienists across multiple rooms to ensure you receive the proper attention and quality care you deserve. Our goal is to provide local families with quality dental care in a safe, relaxed environment. At Dr. Alan G. Kline, D.D.S., we strive to enhance and improve your total oral health and well-being. Schedule an appointment at our Bethesda or Annapolis dental office today.


Preventative dental services are a key to a life of good health and hygiene. The best way to save your teeth from restoration, or worst yet, a dental emergency is to regularly practice preventative dental care. Alan G. Kline, D.D.S. and Associates perform preventative dental services at both the Bethesda and Annapolis Dental Office.

preventative dental care

Annapolis Dental Office Restorative Services


The sooner you seek restorative dental services, the more you improve the chances of a simple repair and faster recovery!  Alan G. Kline, D.D.S. and Associates specialize in restorative dental services at both the Bethesda and Annapolis Maryland locations.


When your Dentist performs cosmetic dentistry, you want it to look natural! Unfortunately some cosmetic dentistry looks too obvious! At Alan G. Kline, D.D.S and Associates, when we perform cosmetic dentistry, we want your teeth to look and feel as good as your natural teeth. Often they will look and feel even better.

cosmetic dental services


  • When You Have an Abscessed Tooth
    When You Have an Abscessed Tooth
    If you’re having tooth pain that won’t go away, there’s a chance it might be an abscessed tooth. Abscessed teeth are painful because they are infected with bacteria. The infection creates a swollen area full of pus, which, if you have ever had abscessed teeth, you know...
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  • Help with a Toothache- 5 Remedies
    Help with a Toothache: 5 Remedies
    If you’ve ever needed help with a toothache, you know the nagging, distracting pain that can bring tears to your eyes. When you have a toothache, all you want to do is: Make. It. Go. Away. There can be a variety of causes of toothache, so finding...
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