Family DentistryDeveloping healthy oral hygiene habits are critical from an early age. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children see a pediatric dentist at the eruption of their first tooth or when they turn one, whichever happens first.

Alan G. Kline, D.D.S., and Associates believe in treating the whole family, and their family dentistry practice includes the children in your life. They perform pediatric and adult dental services at the Bethesda and Annapolis, Maryland locations.

Preventative Pediatric Services

Like adults, preventative dental services for children are critical to good hygiene and a healthy future.

Teeth Cleaning

Our pediatric teeth cleaning services include a brief oral examination. We identify potential problems and remove any tartar and plaque. The hygienist will brush your child’s teeth and finish with professional flossing.

The AAPD recommends an examination every six months to prevent cavities and other dental concerns in children.

Cavity Assessment

During a more thorough examination, your dentist will look for soft areas within the teeth. They’ll also use dental X-rays to identify decay and cavities. If they discover cavities, they’ll put together a treatment plan. They’ll also provide nutrition education.

Fluoride Treatment

Typically, the dentist will apply fluoride at the end of the visit. This protects from developing cavities, discourages tartar and plaque buildup, and strengthens teeth. A good application will remain effective for several months.


Our dentist may recommend a sealant to help prevent tooth decay. Focused on the molars and premolars, they paint a thin, plastic coat on the surface of the teeth. This makes a shield that protects the enamel.

Restorative Pediatric Services

Sometimes, restorative pediatric dentistry is needed. The quicker you schedule an appointment, the greater you’ll improve the chances of a simple repair and faster recovery.


If tooth enamel is exposed, it could break down and cause cavities. Our restoration fillings are color matched to your child’s tooth and can repair its strength and function. The filling process takes about an hour.

Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Teeth

Our team uses Onlays, Inlays, Bonding, Crowns, and Fillings to restore broken teeth.


Bonding is the quickest, most cost-effective way to repair the flaw. We bond a white, color-matched filling to the tooth’s surface.


A crown is a good option for when there’s decay, yet not enough surface on the tooth to hold a filling. Crowns are porcelain or steel caps that restore a tooth’s function and appearance.


Removal or extraction may be necessary for severe damage, including broken teeth or a large amount of decay. Typically, extractions take place at a separate visit and can include sedation.

Pediatric Dental Care

Our team is committed to ensuring your child’s dental health. Please schedule an appointment so we can prevent any potential problems and help promote a healthy future.