Can a Waterpik Help with Dental HealthA water flosser, also known as a water pick, Waterpik, or oral irrigator is an alternative way to floss your teeth. It aims a stream of pulsating water pressure between your teeth and gumline to clear debris and plaque from the area to prevent them from turning into bacteria.

Think of this device as a mini power washer for your teeth, getting anything left behind after brushing.

A Waterpik should never replace brushing your teeth.

Who Uses a Waterpik?

People who have orthodontic braces, appliances, or bridges tend to prefer a Waterpik over traditional dental floss. Using a water flosser replaces having to thread floss into tiny spaces or behind orthodontic wires.

Those with arthritis or other hand dexterity issues tend to prefer a water flosser to clean between teeth without having to grip a piece of floss. But anyone can appreciate the benefits of incorporating this into your daily oral hygiene routine. If you have room on your bathroom sink and an electrical outlet in your bathroom, you can implement a water flosser into your brushing regimen.

Can a Waterpik Replace Flossing?

Using a Waterpik is another step to ensure all the areas that are hard to reach in your mouth are clean. If you have dental appliances or hand dexterity issues, it can certainly replace flossing for you. Water flossing is better than no flossing at all.

If possible, dentists recommend continuing traditional flossing and using a water flosser as an additional tool to complement daily brushing and flossing. A water flosser is a great last step to continually prevent gum disease. It’s like the one last sweep you do at a hotel room to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

If you are having trouble incorporating traditional flossing into your daily routine, you might want to consider trying a Waterpik. You should be flossing every day, so this could be a good tool to get you to reach that goal.

Should You Purchase a Waterpik?

If you are a person who loves gadgets, has some extra space in the bathroom, and wants to incorporate another tool to maintain a healthy mouth, then you might enjoy a Waterpik. If you’re someone with dental appliances, hand dexterity issues, or an honest admission that you’re not flossing every day and you probably won’t start, then you also could reap benefits from a water flosser.

If you’re someone who brushes thoroughly twice a day and flosses once a day and has no stubborn areas to clean in your mouth, you don’t need a water flosser, but it can be used alongside your already excellent daily oral hygiene routine to help make your mouth feel extra clean and prevent future issues.

It comes down to preference and your personal situation. There are certainly benefits to great oral hygiene. At your next dental appointment, we can help you determine if a Waterpik might be a benefit to you. Call today to schedule your next visit.